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Tailor Garments is an online boutique 
That takes care of all the sewing needs of menwomen and children, be it transformation or fresh sewing or customization or rehab of old sarees. We provide door to door service with no minimum price requirements. We have a wide range of clothing and accessories. Our aim is to create customers, not relationships. So, until our customers are not satisfied with our work, we will continue to provide services to them. Our model of tailoring is not like others who only work for money, we value your money and time.
We have a team of experienced tailors and visionary designers who can make a perfect outfit with a pinch of your taste in it. If there is a reshuffle even after delivery of the outfit, we do it again and redistribute it.
We have a separate team for maternity and children’s organizations. Maternity attire is rarely available, and office-going mothers face problems, so to solve their problem we have come up with this section, which takes care of all the small needs of pregnant women and new mothers is.

Aiming to bring tailoring sophistication to your doorstep on 01 May 2020, Designer on Call is India's first-of-its-kind service, where all your needs are met under one roof. A follower of Givenchy's statement that a dress should follow the body and not the other way around. Designer on Call stands for strong personal style. Creative owners at Designers on Call believe the myth that individual patterns can be time-consuming and expensive.

With the influx of ready-to-wear designer labels, custom-to-measure custom tailoring is considered a pass. With time constraints and staying on deadline, all segments pull their schedule for mall hopping. The hunt has its own limits for the onyx factor cocktail gown inside the perfect tuxedo or brick and mortar store. Many times, your size, style, choice of clothes or some specific color is not available.

Designer on Call is a solution designed for everyone and a cut-to-fit philosophy. Custom tailoring is synonymous with perfection in the choice of measurements, fabrics, colors, patterns, collars and cuffs et al. A newly formed enterprise but elegance and sophistication best describe designer on call services. With a design focus on craftsmanship and aesthetics, designers on call custom tailored and bespoke services are the talk of the city - Gurgaon to Noida. We aim to provide an experience that embodies the age-old craft of sophisticated tailoring.

Beautiful fabrics, chic designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and fine attention to detail, we know our customer's requirements. Our team of fashion designers is inspired by sophistication and elegance. Our team shows the workmanship that was handed down from generation to generation. At Designers On Call, we offer exceptional fittings made by us to measure clothing. We aim to fit the needs of the specific customer because we have an affinity for combining the right fit with exquisite detail in a brand stand. Our stitched pieces speak for themselves like a beautiful statement.

All of Delhi's boutiques are stitched with the constant participation of our fashion designers who come to your place with the design book and leave with your measurements. The built-to-measure designs feature hand embroidery created by experienced hands that combine finesse with trends. We provide in best color design and embroidery details. Our team always researches continuously for the latest textile trends, looking for ingenuity in design. Baspok services are geared towards fashion enthusiasts who like to embrace the latest craze.

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